Bark, bark everybody. I have so much to bark about, and I am super excited. If you follow me on my Facebook page, I mentioned I was sensing a new adventure. Guess what? I was right. There was a new adventure and let me bark to you, it was AWESOME.

First of all, my humans brought home this huge, tall, odd-shaped box thing on wheels. At first, I had no idea what it was. I was a bit nervous at first. Then I noticed the door and steps. The steps looked a bit odd. There were holes in them and I could see in between them. What if I fall, what if they swallow me? Hmmm, just not sure about this.

large dog chairs

Well, after a lot- (and I do mean a lot) of treat style convincing, I began to explore. Once inside, I sniffed around and checked everything out. What a cool place. The floor has large black and white squares. There are a couple of really big dog chairs to lounge in. I can sit and look out the door and guard the place (can’t you see, I’m a real tough dog).  I get it now. This isn’t a box. It’s a new dog house on wheels. I have a second home. It’s a home run for me. SCORE!! 

My humans were so excited. They were talking about an upcoming trip. Oh boy, I thought, a car ride. I LOVE car rides.  I get to nap, look out the windows and listen to my humans laugh and hear music. It’s super fun. And sometimes we go to places where the food come out of the windows.

My humans started putting things in the new dog house on wheels. Blankets, food, my toys, clothes, and dishes. I don’t believe this is going to be the usual car ride.  I sure was tail waggin excited. Yippee a new adventure!!! I KNEW it.

We went for a REALLY long car ride. It was dark when we arrived at a place called Van Hoy Farms Campground

The next day I could see everything. It was a bright, sunny day. Although it was a bit chilly, I could see what a beautiful place this campground is. It was very quiet with trees and grass everywhere. There were so many places to run and play. I had an entire field to check weather in (if your new to my blog, this is my code for going potty).  My humans were very pleased too. It was peaceful, clean and well kept. We went for walks and explored. Ahh the smells, and the fresh air.  This campground rates 10 paws. 

When the rain came, I snuggled up with my mamma. We watched DVDs, relaxed in the new dog house, and made plans for our next adventure.  The next morning dad made us a tasty breakfast of sausage and eggs. Afterwards we packed up and headed for home.

I really, really love my new dog house on wheels. Our next adventure is coming soon. Hopefully we will go someplace for Thanksgiving.  I can hardly wait. 4 full days with my humans on a new adventure. I will be sure to fill you in on all the fun. See you at the water dish.

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