Hello everybody. Well that mean ol’ hurricane Florence is gone, baby gone. But let me bark you this; a lot of damage has been left behind. Several families lost houses, cars, and power. Some of my fellow furry friends even lost their families too. It was truly a sad time.

My yard is ok. My humans went right back to work, and my world is back to normal. Yet, for others it still is not. Everyone is helping everyone out. It is great to hear my humans talk about how people are sending supplies from all over the place. My momma snuck me into her work and this is what I saw: rows of huge boxes full of stuff. My mamma said this all came from Tennessee, and more is set to arrive from California. What is Tennessee?  Who is California? I will have to see if I can figure that one out later.

Also, there were these giant boxes with small round windows on the front of them. They looked just like the ones I see my humans messing with when they carry their clothes around in our dog house. Mama said this is for her coworkers to wash/dry clothes. I don’t have a lot of clothes, so I am glad I don’t have to be near those scary looking things.  She said a lot of her coworkers lost everything.  I’m pretty sure from what I am hearing, all of this is really needed right now.

We went for a walk in our downtown. My favorite park is still closed. There are trees cut up in piles. I wanted to run and attack, but my mamma said no. there were other items stacked around and those looked fun too, but my humans were sad, so I didn’t ask. I knew these were things from inside other dog houses. I’m sad too.

The good news is, a lot of places were open. I was able to go to my favorite store again. Pet Smart. Yes 4 Paws for this place.  I was so happy to walk in there and smell the familiar aromas again. We even went to one of those places where the food comes out of the windows.  This time it was Zaxby’s. The place ALWAYs gets 4 paws!!! It is the best chicken.20180921_183926_resized

We are extremely thankful.  The storm has passed, and we made it thru. I am asking for your thoughts and prayers for all the families and all the pets as they recover from this horrible storm. Yes-even the cats too.

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I will bark at you soon about our next exciting adventure. It’s coming up really soon!! See you at the water dish!!