Hi everyone!!!  Welcome back. Boy, am I so glad to see you.  I have so much to bark about. My Goodness!! Last week I told you I figured out Florence isn’t a cat after all. She was a HURRICANE. What in the paw’s ear is that??  Well I first hand found out what a hurricane is. Let me bark  to you what happened.

Florence made her arrival  late Thursday afternoon. I could tell my humans were getting nervous. I knew something was going on, I just wasn’t sure. I was sensing changes outside. Especially when I went out to check the weather (my code for going potty). The sun was missing. I couldn’t find the sunlight anywhere. It wasn’t dark, but it just wasn’t a normal sunny day. The winds were blowing, and I could hear the tree branches whistling. It wasn’t too bad then, but it was still kind of spooky.

We sat inside and I played with toys while my humans watched the news.  All of a sudden-like a leash tug halt; the lights in the house disappeared like a piece of bacon in my food dish.  Poof. Instant darkness. I thought my little puppy heart was going to come out of my harness. (Mommy said I had to wear my harness in case we had to leave quickly). I flew up on that sofa next to her. I mean I was flying. I knew she would protect me.

Dad jumped up and grabbed a flashlight and went to work on setting up the red box on the back porch. He was saying “Florence is here, and she isn’t happy.” By this time it was raining outside.  The winds were louder and much stronger.  I stayed on the couch afraid to move.  Then, all of a sudden there was a loud growling noise. The sound was just the same as the thing my humans push around my yard that eats the long grass, but it looked different. It didn’t have wheels. It wasn’t loud all the time though, only when the door was open. But there were lights in the house now, so it was kind of ok.

Even with the reassurances my humans kept giving me, I was still afraid. I trust them, but they seemed nervous too. They didn’t say they were and sometimes they made jokes, but I could still tell.  They tried to get me to go check weather in between the wind gusts, but NO WAY. I was not going near that red box thing. It was scary growling at me like that. I didn’t want it to eat me like it does the long grass. I will just hold it, and check weather later.

I could hear things hitting the house. it was really scary. I kept hearing these funny noises on the radio. The noises sounded similar to  the police car with lights I saw once on one of my car rides.  I stayed on the sofa with my humans for a long time. Finally we all tried to go to sleep for the night. I couldn’t sleep. Are you kidding me?  My humans couldn’t either. It was starting to get warm in the house, and I was really having to go check weather. But I wasn’t going to touch that bell which makes the door open. That red growly box isn’t going to get me. And neither is Florence.  So I just laid on the cool floor facing my humans. I wanted so bad to be next to them, but it was too hot. I knew as long as I can see them, I would be ok.

It was a very long night. I still could hear the wind, things hitting the house, and the rain. There was so much rain. I will bark more about that later. Anyway, I really, really had to go check weather. I saw the white squares in the kitchen area, but I know I am supposed to check weather outside.  Mommy was awake, I could see her. She got up and took me to the garage. There was a white square there too. It was even noisier out there. I was petrified. She kept saying “it’s ok Yadie, you can go here”.  She was sad. I kept looking at her and barked to tell her I can’t. I’m scared. But I really need to check weather. Since we were in the front, I couldn’t hear the growling so I thought it would be ok to go outside. Mommy hooked me to my leash and kept saying “it’s ok, let’s go outside quick”. I went very reluctantly to the door. But when she opened it, WOW… It was raining so much. Now I didn’t see cats and dogs like they say; just rain. A lot of rain. And, it was dark. The the wind was really loud too. I did a spinner like I do when I chase my tail and stayed in that garage. We sat there for a bit and finally went back inside. Mommy stayed with me on the couch and we dozed on and off and she kept rubbing my back and telling me it was ok. I love my humans.

The rain and wind continued all the next day and finally the wind wasn’t as bad. My humans  kept trying to take me outside in between the wind gusts, and put me in the grass. It was always raining, I don’t like the rain at all. I  really had to check weather, but I couldn’t . Finally the winds calmed down, and it wasn’t too bad. I checked weather like nobody’s business.  I was so happy, but irritated with the rain, I didn’t care at that moment I was finally able to check the weather. I was still afraid though, because the wind would still get loud at times. Also, I was really tired. I spent the rest of the day laying next to either my mommy or my daddy. I kept thinking, when is this going to end? When will the growly thing be quiet? When can we go for a car ride, or a walk?

The third day, the red box was still growling at me. It wasn’t bad because my humans would pick me up to pass by it so I could check weather.


And now the best part. The silver lining.  The “Great Cook Out” commenced. What a suprise, and boy did it ever smell wonderful. I was in bacon heaven.  Delicious, warm, crispy bacon. And chicken too. My humans said we had to cook all this food and share or it we would have to throw it away.

20180915_104138 (2)

I spent the rest of the day snacking on all the awesome food.

The rain had stopped so we went for a walk. My favorite sidewalk was a mess. There were green things everywhere, and these round black/brown  things were all over the place. My neighborhood looks so sad. There are  fallen trees and branches everywhere. Thy must have been scared too, because they just fell down.






Finally, on Sunday, the growling red box went quiet. Was I happy. The house was bright again, and starting to cool off.  The rains had stopped. My mommy was dancing around and cheering and say thank you!!, thank you!! My cartoons were back.

The next day, my humans went back to work and now I can be lazy around the house once again and use the bell to make the door open to check weather. I am so happy. All is right with my world again.  Now I am looking forward to the next adventure. Hopefully not a hurricane anytime soon.  I hope I never see one for all the 9 lives a cat has times a million.

By the way, Hurricane Florence gets  -4 paws.   Take care and I will see you at the water dish again soon.

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