Things are a lot quieter today. My humans are not running around doing as much today. Daddy went to work like normal. But mommy was home today which is always awesome.  She was going around taking pictures of the yard and the house. There are water jugs on the counter. Plus, after my bath; that big tub is now filled with water, and flash lights are setting out. She cooked a huge turkey last night, which was nice because I was able to have some today with my kibble.

I have been listening to the weather radio today. I think I know what is finally going on… Florence is not a cat, there are no cats around here like I thought (cats are still crazy though). Ah ha, I get it now-Cat means category!! Oh, my goodness–Florence is a HURRICANE!!!  I have not been in a hurricane. I am too young. I am not sure what is going to happen.

Tonight, we went for a visit to the park and walked around. It was a very pretty evening.. There was even a rainbow over the water. 20180912_171428.jpg20180912_171946 (1)

A lot of buildings were boarded up. It was quiet. Something is different. I can sense it.


I’m kind of nervous. I know I will be safe, but I am still kind of afraid. My humans bought me a real nice chew toy. This helps me to stay calm. 20180912_215241 I wish for everyone to be safe. I hope all my fur friends are safe and dry too. The storm rolls in tomorrow. I will be sure to figure out this hurricane. At least I know it’s not a giant cat like I pictured in my head.

adorable animal blur cat
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