Well, there is a lot going on these days. Just when my humans are planning our adventures, we are now at a leash tugging halt. Things are getting serious.  Apparently those cats are at it again. I hear stuff like “Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3…. ” What are those crazy cats doing anyways? And rain… I thought cats hated water? I don’t know a cat name Florence… but my humans are saying this could be really be bad.

We went to the store and I waited with daddy in the car. Mommy was gone FOREVER. I mean it was a really long time. When she came back she told us what was going on.  It was crowded. She showed us pictures.


Now I don’t know about you but I love, love peanut butter. and the last picture doesn’t show a lot of it left. Not to worry though. We have what we need. I trust my humans and I know they will take care of me. But, I am really curious what is going on here. Stay tuned becuase I am going to find out more about this cat named Florence.


Boy are my humans going crazy… they have the gates open to the yard so I have to stay inside. I am so mad right now. What are they doing out there. Where are the pretty solor lights? Hey- my table i sit under is gone.. All the tiki torches are gone.  My chairs on the back porch are gone too. All that is left is a big red  box. I see a cord too. I know I am not supposed to mess with the cord. I learned that a long time ago.

All around the neighborhood, things are missing from yards. The pretty flags, flower pots, and chairs. Why? It’s very quiet. no one is out playing ball.  no one is riding bicycles. The humans are just putting stuff away. What in the world is happening?  I still keep hearing about those cats too. I haven’t seen the one named Florence yet. Maybe tomorrow I will get to learn more. For now my humans have settled down, so I ‘m off to snuggle with them and give them my puppy eye look to seee if I can snag some treats from them…. see ya tomorrow…

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