I really like going to Ace Hardware. Especially the one by my house. The store has a home town feel and is locally owned.  Everyone is friendly an helpful. My favorite part is the treat they give me when I arrive.  My humans get popcorn.  -Boring… the treat is the best. it looks like a bone, and it tastes oh soo yummy.

The other best part is when it is really hot outside, I can lay on their cool floor. Oh man does that feel good. I could take a nap. But wait- there are so many smells… I can walk down all the aisles and each smell is different.

My mommy says the best aisle is the garden aisle. Aisle 3. Yep, that is where daddy and I always find her. Shelves full of plant food, fertilizer, weed killer, (that aisle smells icky to me). She doesn’t let me be in that aisle too long. she told me she doesn’t want me to accidently eat something I shouldn’t. 

Then there is Aisle 5- the tool aisle… yes Dad’s favorite. This aisle is full of drills, saws, screw drivers, wrenches, tool boxes and all kinds of other tools.

There is a paint island where they mix up the paint for you while your shopping for paint supplies. Other aisles include electrical, lightbulbs, screws/bolts/nails (I heard someone say there must be a million of these). Oh, and plumbing too. but my favorite aisle- is Aisle 2. This is where the motherlode of  ALL  the dog food is. OH BOY!!! Treats, toys, new collars and leashes too. Andyes those silly cats have stuff to choose from too.  Sometimes I will meet other dogs in this aisle.

I am leaving some stuff out I am sure. You just have to go to your local Ace. There is so much more to see at Ace Hardware, and I’m telling you, this place is fun to visit. They have all the stuff you need for your projects. Just tell them Yadie sent you. Be sure to get your Ace rewards card.  I will see ya there.

This place gets 4 paws!!!