33921080_417010505433457_6347606933549088768_n (1)Hi, I’m Yadie. I also go by Yadiedoo. My parents say I am a Shih Tzu puppy. But really, I am just a happy little boy. I love treats, bacon, playing tug of war and chasing my toys. I like to play outside while mommy gardens. I like naps too. But, one of my absolute favorite things to do is go on car rides. I love to see all the beautiful places in the USA.  I am about to embark on some very exciting and super fun adventures with my humans. I want to share with you all the places I go along with what I see and do.

We are going to bark about so many fun things. I will rate the places I go with my paws. 1 being bad, and I mean really bad. 4 being the bestest ever. I am tail waggin excited to bark all my stories and adventures. I hope you will consider following this dog and his blog.